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Get involved

There are several ways you can be involved with the work of Imagine India. We are always looking for new and creative ways of doing more and you are welcome to send us your ideas. Here are some ways you can start to become involved.


Giving a financial contribution is one way to express your heart for people who are less fortunate than you are.

It’s easy to make financial contributions to the work of Imagine India. You can do this online, via internet transfer or by cheque.


Writing is a great way to express your thoughts, opinions and share your unique knowledge and perspectives about India or in general about poverty and injustice. We are looking for once off and regular pieces of work that reflect a heart for humanity and a passion for justice in the world today.

By publishing your writings you can express yourself and also know that like minded people appreciate your thoughts. Send in your articles (any length, we reserve the right to edit with permission) today via email,


You may have a skill, qualification or profession that is useful for the work in India. We need skilled people to share their expertise with our team in India as well in our office in Australia.

Areas of greatest need are administration, medical, teaching (in a range of topics) and If you have some free time or want to make your time count please feel free to contact us and find out how you can be involved – via email,

Join in

Join in or subscribe to one of the growing online Imagine India Communities where we share news, images, videos, traveling tipsand more:


If you enjoy public speaking and would like to spread the word about how Imagine India brings joy and hope to people, here is your opportunity. We can get you in touch with public forums, community groups, churches, youth groups and schools who will benefit from your passion and purpose.


A very powerful way of impacting a nation without physically being there is to become an advocate for a cause. Advocates are people who actively use their contacts and networks to spread the word about a cause or nation.

You may have some friends, contacts or a database of people who would love to hear more about the work against poverty and injustice.

You may have the opportunity to share at work or with a small group of people.

How you can be an Advocate:

  • Recommend other people to talk to us
  • Speak to groups of interested people

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