I highly recommend that you consider Imagine India to help fulfil your vision for the nations

Andrew Evans
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We are excited to see how communities are being impacted by Imagine India

Alan Baldry
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I heartily commend the work of Imagine India, and encourage the support of like minded people with a heart to make a difference in a nation of over a billion people

Graham Shand
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Who We Are

Imagine India exists to inspire people across the globe to imagine a
new, influential India and to engage in its destiny.

The mission of Imagine India is to build diverse, beneficial and culturally diverse networks of influence in communities across the nation of India. Our innovative projects further this cause by bringing practical benefits to communities via existing social networks in hard-to-reach and needy communities.

Our Work

The work we do is only limited to the creativity that community networks foster! This could mean helping the Tsunami victims who were left behind the world’s aid program because India would not accept foreign aid. It could also mean conducting city wide training conferences which stir and encourage people’s hearts toward their purpose and destiny. Often volunteers go to India on working holidays to give of their unique abilities.

Building and facilitating communities are critical facets of the work of Imagine India.We are registered as a not-for profit charity under Australian law.

The Team

The team at Imagine India are volunteers and advocates. This allows 100% of all financial donations given to go to the field. No amount or percentage is taken out for administration. The Imagine India team are passionate individuals who choose to live for others and have fun doing it!


Imagine India Inc was founded by Marcus and Lorraine Valles. Marcus grew up in India and arrived in Australia at the age of 17 to find that he had left his life purpose behind. Marcus worked in large multi-national companies as a marketing executive. Educated in Economics and with an MBA in International Finance, Marcus was able to leverage his business knowledge and experiences to bring a fresh perspective to community development in India and Asia. Lorraine's training as a teacher in a variety of education systems forms the bedrock upon which the national vision of Imagine India's Indikids Schools program is founded.

marcus valles lorraine valles


Imagine India started in 2003 with the goal of impacting communities in India that were difficult to reach and largely ignored by the developing strata of society. There are 600,000 village communities and as many urban communities that are still lost in poverty and a sense of hopelessness.
In 2004 the Asian tsunami wiped out several fishing villages on the east coast of southern India and personnel from Imagine India were able to rescue 15 girls from the dangerous conditions in the aftermath
In 2005 we were able to host our first leadership and mirco- enterprise conferences that were welcomed by several cities and universities in North India. The Quest Business Plan Competition has now expanded to China and over 25 Colleges and Universities host the competition
In 2006 the Imagine Life Leadership College was established to reach developing communities across India
Imagine Leadership College launched its 1st group of trained local community workers across 11 regions in the state of Maharashtra, India. The work now includes regular Medical Clinics, citywide leadership conferences, business venture development, training at MBA colleges, and the Children’s Home.
Our second group of trainees were enrolled into Imagine Life Leadership College. These guys are go getters and have a real love for the people they will be working with.

More than 24 communities are being impacted by community workers through teaching of life skills. 2 BIG citywide leadership conferences made this year a year to remember.
The vision of reaching New India with creativity and out-of-the-box ideas is catching on. Do you have an idea that can impact a person or particular group? Share it with us by sending us an email
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